WORKSHOP 2.0 – bussines horizons in neurorehabilitation 5th – 7th june

– Wednesday and Thursday (5.6 – 6.6.): Online – Register here
– Friday (7.6.): Alma Mater Europaea (Ferrarska ulica 30, 6000 Koper)
When: 5. – 7. June 2024
What: The upcoming workshop will cover the latest advancements and entrepreneurial opportunities in mobile brain/body imaging (MoBI) technology, neurorehabilitation, and physiotherapy. Participants will learn about expanding collaborations between academia and enterprises, engage in hands-on MoBI technology sessions, and take part in interactive breakout sessions to generate innovative business ideas in physiotherapy.

The program includes discussions on financial perspectives, the impact of new technologies on clinical research, and the importance of inclusive design in neuroscience. There will also be sessions on financial incentives for new health ventures. The workshop aims to connect scientific research with industry, providing practical skills to accelerate healthcare innovations.

For students, participation in the workshop will be on Thursday and Friday.

register here

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