TBrainBoost Project Takes Off, Bridging Academia and Business for Healthy Aging

Naslovna slika, Kick-off meeting TBrainBoost EU project


In a momentous step towards innovation and collaboration, ZRS-Koper on September 12, 2023, hosted the kick-off meeting for its EU-funded project TBrainBoost. This marks the beginning of a journey that aims to connect academia with business and pave the way for positive change in the sphere of healthy aging on both a regional and European scale.

The project coordinator, Dr. Uroš Marušič from ZRS-Koper, initiated the start of project activities with partners from the University of Muenster (UM), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Alma Mater Europaea – ECM (AMEU), University of Konstanz (UKON), BrainTrip (BT), Subsequent (SQ), TMG-BMC (TMG), and Willibald Gebhardt Institute (WGI). The project is set to run until August 31, 2027 (4 years) with a budget of €1,932,872.50 and aims to bring individuals from diverse backgrounds and environments together to collaborate towards a common goal, guided by clearly defined objectives.

Photo: Ana Šajn, ZRS-Koper

In our deliberations, we focused on various aspects, including work packages, secondments, and upcoming events, of which we already been assigned preliminary framework dates. For easier further communication, all partners have been asked to designate main contact persons for project-related communication. The partners participated in the discussion, actively expressing their desires and visions for the project’s progression. This collaborative exchange of ideas laid a foundation for our collective understanding and future endeavors.

In addition to these discussions, we have opted to employ Trello as our management tool, leveraging its user-friendly interface and collaborative features to streamline project coordination. For efficient document sharing and collaboration, we will utilize SharePoint, ensuring a centralized and accessible repository for project-related files. Additionally, to facilitate the scheduling of meetings and coordinate availability among team members, we’ve chosen Doodle as our preferred platform. This combination of tools is intended to enhance communication, organization, and overall efficiency throughout the duration of the project.

While announcing the commencement of our project and reaching full operational status from an administrative standpoint, the first round of secondments and the inaugural workshop are swiftly approaching. More details coming soon!

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