Dr. Uroš Marušič Explores Cutting-Edge Brain Innovations at the 3rd Brain Innovation Days in Brussels

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Brain innovation days

In a significant convergence of scientific minds and industry leaders, the 3rd edition of the Brain Innovation Days unfolded on October 26-27, 2023, captivating participants with its overarching theme, “The Brain in the 21st Century.

With 179 million Europeans currently grappling with brain disorders, the urgency to address and find innovative solutions to these challenges was at the forefront of discussions. The Brain Innovation Days provided a unique platform for interaction, knowledge exchange, and business development, connecting key players from diverse backgrounds, including researchers, industry leaders, startups, policymakers, investors, healthcare professionals, and patients.

Photographer: Barth Decobecq

The overarching goal of the event was to foster collaboration, inspire policy reform, and accelerate investment and business opportunities within the broader brain innovation community. Dr. Uroš Marušič attended the event due to his keen interest in neuroscience and movement. His presence underscored the interdisciplinary nature of the Brain Innovation Days, where individuals from various fields come together to address the complex challenges posed by brain disorders.

Over two eventful days, the Brain Innovation Days featured a series of Brain Talks, How-To sessions, and numerous networking opportunities. The 3rd Brain Innovation Days Pitch

Competition showcased five pre-selected finalists competing for the jury and public prize for the Best Pitch. An Innovation Hall allowed companies to exhibit tangible tools and devices, while researchers presented posters highlighting advancements in the field.

The event’s themes spanned critical topics such as climate change, digitalization, and extremism, exploring how external factors continually challenge our brains. Discussions delved into trauma, anxiety, and addiction, as well as the potential of healthy lifestyles, work-life balance, and screening in maintaining brain health.

Photographer: Barth Decobecq

The future of medicine was a central focus, with attention given to digital therapeutics, gene therapy, and psychedelics. These emerging technologies, discussed in the context of neuroscience, hold the promise of saving lives and transforming healthcare practices.

Additionally, discussions touched upon neuroplasticity, rehabilitation, and education, emphasizing the brain’s remarkable flexibility and capacity to adapt. The importance of implementing innovative solutions, fostering collaboration, and addressing global challenges in the field of brain health was underscored throughout the event.

Photographer: Barth Decobecq

As the Brain Innovation Days demonstrated, the field of neuroscience is evolving rapidly, with innovations that promise to reshape the future of medicine and impact global economics and society. The event’s success rested not only on the groundbreaking ideas presented but also on the connections made between diverse stakeholders, fostering a collaborative spirit that will continue to drive progress in brain health and innovation.

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