WORKSHOP 1.0 – Academic to Entrepreneur: Essential Strategies 

Tips, Tricks, and Guidelines to Increase Success in Business Ventures 

Where: Online Register here
When: 12. – 14. February 2024
What: Tips, tricks and guidelines

Join us for an engaging event focusing on the journey of true stories, spin-offs, and startup stories, with a primary emphasis on idea development. Delve into the world of entrepreneurship, where we’ll explore fundamental concepts, its significance, and distinctions from academic research. Discover your ‘why’ in entrepreneurial endeavors.

For Group 1, those without a business idea, we’ll cover the essential steps in Identifying Opportunities. Learn effective methods for recognizing market opportunities, conducting thorough market research, and assessing the feasibility of potential business ideas. Additionally, engage in Idea Generation, where we’ll guide you in generating business ideas based on scientific expertise, utilizing tools like SWOT analysis, setting goals, and conducting evaluations. Discover the power of teamwork as we help scientists form interdisciplinary teams, stressing the importance of diverse skill sets in entrepreneurship.

If you’re part of Group 2 with an existing idea, we’ve got you covered. Dive into the fundamentals of Funding and stay updated on the latest acts and regulations. Explore real business case studies, participate in practical exercises designed for maximum interactivity, and expand your professional network during networking sessions. Cap off the event with a round table discussion to exchange insights and experiences.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enrich your entrepreneurial journey. Register now and be part of an event that combines knowledge, practical skills, and networking for a holistic learning experience.

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